Mount Martha and Owl’s Head

View of the Presidentials from Mt Martha

To get a beautiful view of the north face of Mount Washington, climb up Mount Martha and look south. In Northern New Hampshire in the town of Carroll the trail begins.

It’s a nice hike to do in the winter. If winter snow slows you down, you can still easily do it in a day with time to spare. Plus, it is special to see a snow covered Mount Washington.

Hike up Mt Martha

You have the option to extend the trip by going the extra mile down Owl’s Head Trail to Owl’s Head. Either way this hike is worth the experience.

Up Mt Martha in Norther New Hampshire

Ample parking can be found along Rte 115 just north of where Routes 3 and 302 intersect. The hike is about a half dozen miles up and back. Take the Cherry Mountain Trail on up. Enjoy!