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Hello, I design and develop using open-source graphic software, HTML(5), CSS(3) and JavaScript. In addition to these tools, I've taken advantage of frameworks, preprocessors and libraries, such as React, Bootstrap, Sass and jQuery. I ensure that websites are both responsive and cross-browser compatible. Feel free to visit my GitHub profile for source code and additional projects. Take a look at my work. Sneak a peek at my etsy shop.


Follow the Sun is a sports blog. There are playful links to gather information on the WNBA's Connecticut Sun. I solely used HTML(5), CSS3, and JavaScript. This is still a work in progress.

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Brick Ball is a version of the classic Breakout video game. Here is an example of object-oriented JavaScript. For the primary game features, I solely used HTML(5) and vanilla JavaScript. PHP was employed for the back end and the membership features. Written in HTML with inline CSS, Welcome and Password Reset HTML emails look great on Gmail, Outlook, iPhones and many other clients and devices. View the source code on GitHub. This particular web application was designed for larger screens and a keyboard.

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Enhanced Slideshow is a responsive gallery and slideshow with both automatic and manual controls. The slideshow was written in plain JavaScript. It is capable of taking images of various orientations and sizes. It also has full screen functionality. You can take a peek at the source code on GitHub.

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Basic Slideshow is a responsive gallery and slideshow with manual controls written in JavaScript. It has full screen capability and takes images of various sizes and orientations. Feel free to view the source code on GitHub.

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Weather App is a web application that forecasts the weather for locations across the globe. It gathers data from to display both the current and 5 day / 3 hour weather forecast details. This mobile-friendly, responsive site was built with React, a JavaScript library. React-Bootstrap was also utilized. View the source code on GitHub.

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