Bands and Selective Discography

Meaningless Disaster

Meaningless Disaster was the first band I was in where we wrote our own songs. We primarily liked heavy metal, but sounded more like punk rock. It was the 1980's. We were in our early teens and based in Massachusetts. Song titles included "My Life is Harder than Yours", "Problem", "Two Thousand Flushes", "Mushroom Clouds of Death", "Five Star Guy", "Love is in the Air", and "Paper Mache Friends". Just might be the best band I've ever been in. A demo recording was made, but I don't know if any copies still exist in this universe. You may need to time travel to hear it. Towards the end, the band changed its name to Hangman's Jury. The drummer and singer later went on to play for The Red Telephone.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line had a few members from Meaningless Disaster. It was influenced by metal and 1970's classic and progressive rock. Our musical skills had advanced, but the lead vocals and lyrics took a nose dive. I was a member of this band until the end of my high school years. Song titles included "Three Three Four Five" and "The Kick".

Pollen Path

Pollen Path was a band that lived during the early 1990's in the Lowell, MA region. It began with the remaining members of Bottom Line, but added a new vocalist. The band was in the same vein as Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins, but with female vocals. Pollen Path tended to play with heavier bands like Nervewomb and Brown. Song titles included "I Have to Find Myself" and "Memory Askew". There's a demo out there somewhere.

Fuzzy Pumper / Mad by Northwest

Fuzzy Pumper was a rock band where we wanted to experiment with the genre. We'd use various time signatures and create atypical song structures. I left Pollen Path and started this band with the other guitar player in 1993. Located in southern New Hampshire and constantly looking for a singer, but never found one. I played both guitar and bass. The drummer pushed for the name Mad by Northwest and later left to join Christian Death. I stopped playing in the band after that.

Fuzzy Pumper / Mad by Northwest - Remix EP

  1. Track One
  2. Track Two
  3. Island of Misfit Toys
  4. Doreena

The Sea Shells

The Sea Shells was a duo recording project. It was similar to Ween, except it included dark humor skits, liberal use of sound effects, had a lot more variety in instrumentation, and was a bit further "out there". Record titles included "Martian Inconsistence", "Get it in There", and "Sticks and Stones Will Break Your Face, But I'll Kill You".

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon was an indie rock trio from the mid-to-late 1990's. The band was part of a great scene in Boston along with bands such as Helms, Lynx, Karate, Victory at Sea, and The Wicked Farleys. Rose of Sharon also had a kinship with Providence, RI based bands Rebuilthangartheory, V for Vendetta, and Difference Engine. The band would usually record in Providence with the guitarist of Small Factory. Occasionally there were small tours throughout the eastern half of the United States and Canada with the likes of Portland's Kind of Like Spitting and Pilot to Gunner.

Rose of Sharon - 3 Song EP

  1. Cool Air
  2. Sunny on the Inside
  3. Hazel

Rose of Sharon - Even the Air is Out of Tune

  1. Almost Toulouse
  2. Even the Air is Out of Tune
  3. The Boy Who Was Never Wrong
  4. The Doorframe Challenge
  5. Ann Arbor
  6. Blueprint
  7. The Shape of Things to Come

Rose of Sharon - Vagueness is Merely Understanding Without a Point

  1. The Second Answer
  2. I Can Hear Them Smile
  3. Ask a Simple Question
  4. Hitchhike
  5. Falling Flat
  6. Sleep of Ages
  7. Blackboard
  8. Now or Never
  9. Running in Place

Blood Cells

Blood Cells was an improvisational group spawned at the dawn of the new millennium. The group began with drums and guitar, but quickly grew to include trumpet and synthesizer / electric piano. The trumpet player used to play with Hal Russell in Chicago.

Blood Cells - III

  1. Track One
  2. Track Two
  3. Daisy Cutters
  4. Track Four
  5. Track Five
  6. Track Six

Blood Cells - Emerson

  1. Track One
  2. Track Two
  3. Track Three
  4. Track Four
  5. Track Five
  6. USA
  7. Track Seven
  8. Track Eight
  9. Track Nine
  10. Track Ten
  11. Track Eleven

Tiny Amps

Tiny Amps was an indie rock band from the mid 2000's. I started the band with the other guitarist / singer from Rose of Sharon. We'd play with such bands as Mad Man Films, Big Bear and Dirty Holiday in Boston and the northeastern US. The bass player left after the record "Trill and Swagger" and formed Drug Rug around that time. Broken River Prophet's frontman replaced him. The band continued to get louder throughout its lifetime, largely due to the drummer's influence.

Tiny Amps - Trill and Swagger

  1. Dance on a Crowded Floor
  2. Backbone
  3. Salt of the Sand
  4. Amway
  5. Tabletalk
  6. Slip and Slide
  7. Flowers of the Friendly Ghost
  8. Dinner
  9. Zombies
  10. Carrots


Pika was a free improvisational group formed by the drummer of Karate and a saxophone player. I was asked to join them shortly after Karate broke up and played with them for a season or two. It could get explosive and I had a lot of fun.

Pika - 6.28.05

  1. Track One
  2. Track Two
  3. Track Three
  4. Track Four
  5. Track Five
  6. Track Six


Geoglyphs are a fusion tinged post-rock duo. The drummer from Blood Cells is one half of the duo. I was their third wheel for a couple of stints back around 2008 and 2012. I played guitar, keyboards, and additional percussion.

Visit bandcamp to check out solo recordings.